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Few things can throw a kink in your day or even your weekend quicker than walking into your garage and finding your car has a flat tire. Likewise, few things can save the proverbial day faster than having a handy tire inflator at the ready for such an occasion. But if you’ve yet to add a tire inflator to your own garage arsenal, choosing the right one can get tricky as there are dozens of options on the market these days.

As Hart-branded power tools have risen among mid-level power tools in recent years, you’ve likely already considered picking up one of their tire inflators. As it turns out, even the Ryobi-adjacent tool company has a few different models of tire inflators for you to choose from. While each will come in handy, Hart’s tire inflators are all built to satisfy different needs. With that in mind, we undertook a deep-dive examining every inflating device available from Hart Tools (more on the methodology at the end of this article) and are confident these will be a welcome addition to any home garage.

20V Cordless Inflator

You’d be wise to prioritize portability when searching for a tire inflator. Your flat may not occur while your vehicle is parked inside your garage, and lugging a bulky device to even the end of a driveway may prove difficult for some. If portability is a key driver, Hart’s cordless 20v inflator may be the device you’re looking for. 

Per Hart’s online retail store, the pistol-gripped tool can push up to 150 PSI of pressure, meaning it can inflate many car tires from flat to full in about seven minutes. It also comes with a digital LCD display offering an accuracy range within 1 PSI and a 20-inch hose that makes it easier to get to harder-to-reach nozzles. As the name notes, the tool operates on a 20v rechargeable battery. While the battery and charger are sold separately from the inflator, it will work with other 20v Hart tools, and that will be good news for fans of Hart’s cordless tool line.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a professional review of Hart’s inflator. But those who’ve purchased the tool themself have been impressed, with the device earning reviews to the tune of 4.6 out of five stars. As for the positives, reviewers are generally impressed with the inflator’s price, portability, toughness, and ease of use, utilizing it on everything from car and bike tires to basketballs. Some users were, however, disappointed in the inflator’s performance, particularly regarding its inflation speed.

20V Cordless Dual Function Digital Inflator

For those who were left wanting by the power and speed of Hart’s handheld inflator, the dual-function digital model may pack the punch you need. Boasting up to 150 PSI, the dual-function inflator comes equipped with a high-pressure hose that allows for high-volume inflation. According to Hart, that power cuts your inflation time from seven minutes to four minutes, and that time-saving feature could prove vital if you find yourself inflating a flat on the side of the road. Ditto for the on-board LED light, which will come in handy and then some if you’re doing so at night.

Hart’s dual-function inflator also comes with a digital gauge that is more precise than the smaller handheld version. Its automatic shutoff setting ensures you won’t overinflate when using the hands-free features. Hart also claims this inflator is powerful enough to inflate a twin air mattress in about 45 seconds, making it as useful in a guest room as a garage.

Now for the bad news: Users have rated the dual-function inflator lower than Hart’s other models. Many of the negative reviews contest the manufacturer’s claims of how quickly it can inflate tires. Meanwhile, other reviewers questioned its functionality and toughness. However, the positive reviews far outweigh the negative, with fans loving the inflator’s lightweight build and easy-to-use setup. Likewise, some were blown away by its ability to handle inflating a truck tire.         

20V High Volume Inflator/Deflator

If you prefer to purchase a Hart inflator based solely on user reviews, the 20v high-volume inflator/deflator is the tool for you. Rated at 4.8 out of five stars on Hart’s website, the high-volume inflator/deflator is a solid mix of power and portability, with many of the five-star reviews claiming its lightweight build makes it a must-have tool for setting up and breaking down a campsite, and ideal for inflating or deflating floating pool accessories. Yes, it can also handle a car tire. As for the lone one-star review, the user was disappointed in how loud the tool is, so make of that what you will.

This pistol-grip inflator/deflator comes adorned with a rubberized, ergonomically designed handle and a locking mechanism on the trigger to help ease hand fatigue when inflating heavy-duty items. Per Hart, that feature will be handy as the high-volume device can inflate a queen-sized air mattress — even if the company claims it can do so in under a minute. Given its size, the tool won’t make up much space in your tool kit or the trunk of your car either, and its .07-pound build ranks it among the lightest inflators on the market. That this device can also deflate an item sets it apart from the other devices. So feel free to tout the device’s versatility alongside those glowing user reviews when considering your purchase.   

How we got here

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The tire inflaters that made this list were selected after carefully examining several devices bearing the Hart Tools logo. In drawing our conclusions, we always try to combine first-hand experience and user reviews with accounts from trusted automotive sites and professionals. The five inflators included met the criteria for price point, usability, and overall performance. You are always encouraged to conduct your own research before purchasing any tools for your home garage.

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