Middle East conflict hits Africa and analysts examine impacts of African States’ exit from ECOWAS

The Middle East conflict, fueled by Houthi rebels disrupting Red Sea shipping routes, is casting a long economic shadow over Africa.

As rising prices and supply chain disruptions grip nations already reeling from the pandemic, the urgency to de-escalate becomes paramount. 

The following report explores the economic domino effect on African economies. Hafed Al-Ghwell, a Senior fellow and executive director at the SAIS Foreign Policy Institute, John Hopkins University joined us to share his insights.

– Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso Exit ECOWAS: Key Implications –

Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso have left ECOWAS, citing dissatisfaction with the organisation’s inability to enhance security and sovereignty. The departure raises concerns about economic challenges and poses a significant threat to regional security. 

Today, the need for a diplomatic solution to prevent further fractures within this regional economic community is crucial. We have expert insights in the following report.

– Escalating Methane Emissions Across Africa –

Amid a concerning surge in methane emissions across Africa, experts are calling on African leaders to swiftly establish African Methane Abatement Bonds. The urgency is highlighted in a groundbreaking report, emphasising the need for innovative financing. Here is a glimpse of the report.

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