Dallas Cowboys RB Tony Pollard gave me a Sleep Number pillow and I couldn’t believe it

Radio Row at the Super Bowl is a wild and crazy place.

If you have never been before what you need to understand is that it is basically a convention center filled with radio stations, television shows and all sorts of other content-creating entities from all over the country. Microphones, computers, signage, cameras… you name it and it’s there. The WiFi might be the strongest in the world to hold it all.

Each of these places is creating content and producing shows for different audiences and with it being the Super Bowl every one is having a cast of talent roll in for interviews throughout the week. Personally I am on Radio Row with my radio show The Morning Huddle on 94.1 San Antonio’s Sports Star and we have been having a ton of fun.

At one point in the week Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Pollard came through and did so on behalf of Sleep Number. It is common for talent to be promoting something, after all that is kind of how it all ties together.

What is a little more rare is for talent to give you something which is exactly what happened. Pollard had a pillow with him that I thought was just a prop but he told my co-host Rob Thompson and I that it was a gift for one of us.

The pillow is a Sleep Number property so I came out pretty nice if we are all being honest. In general this is obviously cool, but as someone who covers the Dallas Cowboys here at SB Nation it was an extra bit of cool.

Sleep Number is the Official Sleep + Wellness Partner of the NFL, and currently 80% of active roster players benefit from the improved sleep performance on Sleep Number smart beds. The Cowboys are one of the only teams that allows players to sleep at home before a home game, so players like Tony can benefit from more high-quality sleep on their smart beds. Sleep Number is also an Official Partner of Crucial Catch. Right now, buy one Sleep Number pillow, get one free – plus Sleep Number will donate another pillow to the American Cancer Society. 

You never know what is going to happen on Radio Row at the Super Bowl, even if you think you do. If you want to watch our entire conversation you can do so right below.

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