“This boy is smart” – Netizens react to influencer Enioluwa’s response after being asked if he receives advances from men (video)

Popular Nigerian influencer, Enioluwa Adeoluwa, has set tongues wagging with his response to a sensitive question about whether he receives attention from men during a recent interview.

It’s no secret that Enioluwa’s sexuality has been a hot topic of discussion on social media, with many speculating about his sexual orientation.

During a recent interview with Channels Television, one of the hosts decided to raise the question about whether he receives attention from men.

 influencer Enioluwa's response

The influencer, who appeared to be caught off-guard by the question, didn’t give a direct response and instead chose to beat around the bush.

He stated that it is normal for a public figure to receive attention from people, both men and women, and it is not necessarily sexual. He added that he is not interested in love at the moment.

 influencer Enioluwa's response

His words,

“To be honest, you’re an exemplary person in the world and so people will always reach out to you to learn from you and to talk to you. Of course, people do reach out to me, both gendërs. But I don’t think the way the world looks at it from the perspective of when you are famous, people reach out to you to ask you out. No one is asking me out.

I don’t even do love.”

On his friendship with socialite Priscy and celebrity chef Hilda Baci, he said,

“Priscilla and I are very good friends, we spend a lot of time together. Hilda Baci and I are also friends and she is in a public relationship.

I am not in a relationship and I don’t plan to”.

Eni’s response to the question has sparked mixed reactions online, with many praising him for handling the question well.

Read some comments below,

@amby_iroh wrote, “Omo this boy is wise😂😂😂😂😂, the way he handles that question needs to be studied 😂😂”

@nwadiogbuoyi wrote, “The guy dey choose him words carefully 😂”

@khvnlh3 wrote, “Dude has solid media training. He ate that shit up. But we all know what he is though 😂”

Watch the video below,

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