Super Bowl 2025 logo reveals the matchup if you believe conspiracy theories

It’s time to start prepping for Super Bowl LIX, and if you’re someone who believes in the NFL logo conspiracy theory then you’ll be excited to know it will be the Kansas City Chiefs returning for the third time in as many years to play the Seattle Seahawks.

For the AFC this is a little bit open to interpretation. There’s some purple in the logo, which could denote the Ravens — and either the reddish orange could reasonably be construed as any number of possible teams. That lime green is only applicable to one team, and it’s a dead ringer for “action green,” the accent color of the Seahawks.

Is it possible for Seattle to make it to the Super Bowl in 2025? Considering they went 9-8 last season, with some major injuries, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that they could bounce back in a big way. Pete Carroll pivoting to a front office role certainly changes the dynamic, but this team made one of the best hires in the entire NFL by landing Ravens’ defensive coordinator Mike McDonald to lead the team.

If Geno Smith stays healthy, they find an impact player at No. 16, and Jaxon Smith-Njigba takes a step forward at WR — who knows?

We can revisit this in a year to see if the conspiracy holds.

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