Seth MacFarlane Sounds Alarm With Bill Maher Over Reaction to Israel-Hamas Conflict (WATCH)

Why can’t they simply do their jobs? 

— Real Time with Bill Maher (@RealTimers) January 30, 2024

Okay, take a second and give this a watch.

Warning: if you are an Orville fan, you might want to find some duct tape first.

What’s that look about? 

We warned you! 

@SethMacFarlane when that one issue involves immediate survival it takes precedence

— Zack Leshetz (@ZLeshetz) January 31, 2024

One would think he would know this, but here we are.

I doubt this is a core issue. The issue is what led to that support of Palestine

— JC — e/acc (@Eggelstein) January 30, 2024

And boy, oh boy, was there a lot of unexpected support for the imaginary land of Palestine.

The guy does cartoon voices. Why would I care about what he has to say about politics?

— Culex (@newtemplar_) January 30, 2024

You shouldn’t, and neither should anyone else. These people are paid small fortunes to entertain us no more, no less. 

I just had to laugh at this … Seth McFarlane talks about disinformation and Bill didn’t even challenge Schiff on Russia, Russia, Russia. Good grief keep a scintilla of credibility when you want to talk politics.

— AllaninCM (@411anincm) January 31, 2024

The Left has long prioritized narrative over facts and feelings over substance. The issue is they’ve done their job a bit too well. People running on pure emotion, especially emotions such as rage, are dangerous, and it will be tough to put the genie back in the bottle.


To the younger crowd, that is possibly entertaining a vote for Trump. Stay and look at some of the other issues, too. We aren’t trying to remove reproductive rights, for one. Climate change is nearly as significant of a Panzi scheme as the IRS for another. Rage Inc. has sold you an entire bill of goods. So whatever has you looking for better options, we think we can help.


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