RFK Jr. Swears He Wasn’t Thirsty for Fitness Influencer on TikTok

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr., infamous anti-vaxxer and 2024 presidential hopeful, says he wasn’t the one who posted a message on the TikTok page of a fitness influencer who was admiring her glutes after a workout. Sure, RFK Jr., we believe you as much as you believe Big Pharma.

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The reply happened in Sept. 2022 on Tyler Idol’s account, which she now has pinned to her page, and was unearthed by some right-wing dork on X Wednesday. The reply is now deleted, but according to saved recordings, it simply stated “Wow” and was accompanied by two smiling faces with hearts emoji. As for how you can tell it was from RFK Jr.’s TikTok account, it’s pretty obvious as the avatar is of the anti-vaxxer, and clicking on it took you to the official TikTok page for his campaign.

Surprisingly, RFK Jr. didn’t point the finger at any of his pet scapegoats. Instead, in a tweet on Thursday, he shifted the blame to a member of his campaign.

“Do people really think I was TikToking in 2022,” his post says. “This comment now appears on my account because the account was previously owned by one of the campaign’s young social media managers.”

He went on to say that his staffer transferred the account to RFK Jr.’s campaign so he could livestream his anti-vax misinformation on TikTok as the account has the required number of followers.

It does appear that he has a point as the first video on his TikTok account was uploaded in May 2023, which was a month after he officially declared he was running for office. That was back when he was calling himself a Democrat, only to pivot to running as an independent candidate last October, and then to consider going for the libertarian ticket earlier this week. Mind you, former President Donald Trump’s camp did reach out at some point to discuss the anti-vaxxer as a VP pick. With such variable political leanings, maybe he should just run on the TikTok ticket.

The incident recalls the time former presidential candidate Texas Senator Ted Cruz was caught being a little horny on social media. Back in 2017, the gentleman from the Lone Star State’s Twitter account was discovered liking a tweet featuring hardcore porn. His staff were quick to explain that the gaffe was done by someone else not associated with Cruz, but that didn’t stop Pornhub from promoting said porno as being endorsed by the Senator.

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