Our expert NFL picks for the AFC and NFC Championship game

Then there were four. It’s Conference Championship weekend in the NFL and we truly have two brilliant games to decide who moves on to the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs just keep pushing Patrick Mahomes further and further, asking him to do more with less — and keep the magic going. While 2023 was far from his best year, it’s still stunning what Mahomes was able to do with his supporting cast. The difference maker in 2023? Defense. Kansas City has formed one of the best units in the NFL seemingly out of nowhere, and it’s bizarre to thing of the Chiefs being a defense-first team now.

They’re up against the Ravens, who have finally gotten over the hump and shown their promise. Lamar Jackson is playing MVP-worthy football, while the Baltimore defense is still as aggressive and dangerous as it’s always been. It’s going to be fascinating to see which team is able to shut down the opposing QB and head to Las Vegas.

Meanwhile in the NFC we have two legendary franchises meeting in different circumstances. The 49ers pegged from the beginning as a Super Bowl contender, now making it this far thanks to their varied offense and stellar defense play. On the other side, the Lions — who converted their promise into action and now look like a legitimate Super Bowl contender. There might not be any one thing you can peg as being a hallmark strength of Detroit, but they don’t do anything wrong.

Here’s who we’re picking to win the conference championship games.

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