NFL Odds: Who Is The Favorite To Win The NEXT Super Bowl In 2025?

The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers are gearing up to play in Super Bowl 2024 this coming Sunday, with all eyes on the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the road. But for 30 other teams around the league, the off-season has already begun, and they are looking forward to the 2024 regular season and making their own chase for a championship next year.

There is plenty to be determined between now and then. We still have to crown a champion, after which free agency will be in full swing, followed by the NFL Draft and a long summer of potential transactions.

But that hasn’t stopped the oddsmakers at BetOnline from setting early lines on what might take place next season. There is already a futures bet regarding next year’s championship, and which NFL teams have the best shot at being in the big game in 2025.

Super Bowl 2025 Odds: Who Is Favored For Next Year?

SUPER BOWL LIX – Sunday February 9, 2025.

Who will be playing in it?

— Flaming Hot Takes (@TheyAlreadyKnew) January 29, 2024

Here are some of the more interesting options on the board for odds on who will win Super Bowl LIX in 2025:

  • Kansas City Chiefs +550

  • San Francisco 49ers +600

As is usual practice, the two teams playing in this year’s Super Bowl are the favorites to return next season. There will be a few questions surrounding the Chiefs during the off-season, but one thing that is for sure is that Patrick Mahomes will be their quarterback, which keeps them near the top of the odds board regardless of the rest of the happenings.

The 49ers have a growing price tag but should have their championship window still wide open, and now appear to have their quarterback of the future locked in on a ridiculously cheap contract for the next couple of years.

  • Detroit Lions +700

The sting of the letdown in the NFC Championship game will linger all off-season, but could motivate the Lions to be one of the contenders for the Super Bowl again next year. They come in just slightly behind the 49ers in the board, and well ahead of the Ravens, who are sitting back at +1200.

  • Buffalo Bills +1200

Coming in with the same designation as the Ravens are the Bills. They, too, will have questions to answer in the off-season with aging stars on defense and potential changes to the skill positions on offense. But like the Chiefs, Buffalo has a quarterback who would instantly make any team a contender, and they are hoping to capitalize on what could be a closing championship window.

  • New York Jets +2000

The Jets are next season’s team that oddsmakers will be unsure of what to do with. Their Super Bowl odds were +1100 before the start of 2023, but their savior is now a year older and coming off of a major injury. They have better odds than the likes of the Chargers or the Texans, but are slightly behind the Cowboys, Dolphins, and Eagles, all at +1800.

  • Carolina Panthers +15000

There are always teams at the bottom of the list with astronomical odds. Next year’s group consists of teams like the Patriots, Commanders, and Titans all sitting at +10000, but there is one franchise even further down the board than them. That would be the lowly Panthers, who showed little signs of life in 2023 and will be starting with a new regime under a new head coach.

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