NFL fans made so many jokes after Bill Belichick didn’t land the Falcons coaching job

Bill Belichick went into this head-coaching cycle as undeniably the biggest name and most accomplished coach on the market. But it’s becoming increasingly possible that the 2024 will come and go without Belichick coaching any team.

On Thursday, the Atlanta Falcons made the decision to hire Rams defensive coordinator (and former Falcons interim coach) Raheem Morris as their next head coach to replace Arthur Smith. This, of course, came after Belichick interviewed twice with the Falcons. No other team made a serious run at the future Hall of Fame coach.

While it’s likely that Belichick himself passed on the Falcons given an odd dynamic with team CEO Rich McKay, it still means that Belichick could go the coaching cycle without getting hired at all.

The #Falcons were the only team to interview legendary coach Bill Belichick, and there are no known scheduled interviews. Potentially, Belichick could sit out the year and await an opportunity in 2025.

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) January 25, 2024

That had fans making jokes about what Belichick’s 2024 could look like. The NFL won’t be the same without him.

Bill Belichick, get ready to learn how to read the gambling podcast ad disclaimer buddy.

— Kevin Clark (@bykevinclark) January 25, 2024

If Bill Belichick wants to be an HC next year and there isn’t an NFL spot for him, there are 3 D1 teams that currently have an open role. All 3 are reigning conference champs.

— RedditCFB (@RedditCFB) January 25, 2024

If Belichick isn’t going to coach this year, a network needs to give him at least an hour per week to talk about anything he wants. At his core, he’s the biggest fan of the game. One of my all-time favorite clips:

— NFL Fashion Advice (@fashion_nfl) January 25, 2024

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