NFL Draft: Brock Bowers Wants To Play For The Tennessee Titans

University of Georgia tight end and potential top ten draft pick Brock Bowers says that he wants to play for the Tennessee Titans.

Usually players are tight-lipped on this question. But we asked Brock Bowers who he wants to play for:


— Chris Simms (@CSimmsQB) February 7, 2024

In an interview with Chris Simms, he asked Bowers what team he would like to play for and Bowers replied “Titans”. Usually players do not really answer this type of question, but Bowers may have spolied his possible landing spot. The Titans are an interesting fit as the sit at the 7th pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. In mocks given out by various NFL Draft analysts, they have the titans drafting either an offensive tackle or a wide receiver at pick 7.

The Titans offensive line was one of the worst in the NFL this past season, but history has shown bypassing a top offensive lineman in the draft and taking one of the top pass catching options can work out. An example of this being the Cincinnati Bengals bypassing Penei Sewell and taking Ja’Marr Chase after Joe Burrow went down with a season ending knee injury. Former Bengals OC Brian Callahan is now the head coach of the Titans, so maybe he might do the same for Will Levis.

Tennessee Titans Head Coach Brian Callahan says he can’t wait to work with QB Will Levis

— NFL Rumors (@nflrums) January 26, 2024

In this situation, however, the Titans do not have a talent at quarterback like Burrow in Will Levis. Levis was not a umber one overall pick and didn’t even make it into the first round. However, he has shown flashes in his first season and should be the starter this coming season. A prolific offensive weapon should help Levis. We shall see if  DeAndre Hopkins is still on the team come draft day as he is a potential cut candidate. If not Hopkins, Bowers, and a potential third year breakout in Treylon Burks could be a very good trio in the passing game.

We are still 78 days away from the NFL Draft and things can change. Given how thin the tight end position is in the draft, it might not be a bad idea to take Bowers and wait on offensive lineman in the second round. The tackle class is very deep so there should not be a problem snagging one of them in the second round.

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