London primary school may revert to online learning after bomb threat, student conflicts over Israel Hamas war

London primary school may revert to online learning after bomb threat, student conflicts over Israel Hamas war

Barclay Primary School in Leyton, east London, England, told parents that it may have to close its doors for good and “revert to online learning” after it had received a bomb threat.

According to the Telegraph, the school received a bomb threat after its headteacher enacted a policy that prevents students from wearing pro-Palestian badges.

In a letter to parents, the school wrote that measures were being taken “to secure the school for the benefit of children and staff” because of “despicable threats.” It noted that over the Christmas break “a serious threat was received in writing.”

On Jan. 9 an anonymous caller “made a series of racial slurs and a further threat to commit criminal damage (arson) against the school and to individual staff,” the letter said. It added that officials will “close the school and revert to online learning for as long as we believe it is necessary,” if “the safety of children or staff cannot be assured.”

The backlash against the school started prior to the Christmas break after a TikTok video spread that accused teachers of Islamaphobia and bullying an eight-year-old Palestinian student. The School shut down two days early for the break due to “escalating threats against staff.”

The executive headteacher of Barclay Primary School wrote a letter to parents on Jan. 8 that said the internal and external investigation could not find evidence to support the bullying accusations.

Staff from the school anonymously told the outlet that the school is “currently being targeted by a group of parents who are pushing a political agenda and accusations of Islamophobia by not adhering to the school’s uniform policy.” They added, “Staff are being intimidated, bullied, abused, threatened, and confronted as a result of misinformation and manipulation of the trust for this agenda.”

“I personally am scared for my safety and all staff within the school,” the person said. “I am shocked that this is happening to a primary school. I chose to work at this school because it is one of the best in the country and I value its dedication and hard work. What has been happening is unacceptable for the staff and children – no school should be subjected to this.”

The Barclay Primary School is the second school to receive threats after being accused of “Islamaphobia” in recent months. Two days prior to the Christmas break Michaela Community School in Brent closed due to a bomb threat after its head Katharine Birbalsingh decided to impose a “prayer ban” at the school.

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