KACRAN Commends Nigerian Military For Conflict Prevention Efforts In Plateau

DAMATURU – The Kulen Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria (KACRAN) has commended the efforts of the Nigerian Military for their swift and decisive actions that successfully prevented a potential communal clash in Mangu Local Government Area of Plateau State.

KACRAN National President Khalil Muhammad Bello made the commendation in a press statement obtained by our Correspondent in Damaturu. According to him, “KACRAN an organization dedicated to fostering peace and unity between cattle rearers and farmers, has consistently voiced its stance on various national issues through multiple media channels. The association has a history of applauding government institutions for their positive actions, as well as voicing concerns when feeling neglected.

He revealed that “KACRAN has repeatedly advocated for the provision of advanced training, sophisticated weaponry, fair remuneration, and family support for the security forces in order to enhance their sacrifice and dedication to the nation. The association has also emphasized its stance against the formation of vigilante groups, which may lead to human rights violations and the potential loss of innocent lives.

“In line with our belief that it is the government’s primary duty to protect its citizens—a responsibility held by all nations—we stress that the support and cooperation from all Nigerians are crucial for maintaining peace and stability.

“The valorous conduct of the military personnel on Saturday, January 27, 2024, in Mangu Local Government Area of Plateau State, stands as a testament to the importance of an unbiased and proactive security force in preventing bloodshed and property damage.

“KACRAN would like to express its profound gratitude to the military for their effective intervention, which undoubtedly saved countless lives and prevented the escalation of violence. Their actions have earned the appreciation of peace-loving Nigerians nationwide.

“Therefore, we strongly advocate for increased support from Federal, State, and Local Governments for our security forces, enabling them to fulfill their constitutional duties with valor and success.

“We call upon all Nigerians to unite in support of our security personnel, ensuring their continued success in safeguarding the nation. KACRAN reiterates that true peace and stability in Nigeria can only be achieved through the efforts of our security forces—not through vigilantism or retaliatory violence, which historically lead to tragic loss of life and property.

“Lastly, we once again recognize the military’s commendable actions in Mangu Local Government of Plateau State. We urge our security forces to maintain their unbiased and preventive measures in addressing communal conflicts. It is through such dedication that we can hope to minimize or eliminate communal clashes, God willing.

“We pray for the continued blessing and protection of our security operatives, all Nigerians, and our beloved country”.

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