Here’s How Shedeur Sanders Pulled off Marketing Masterstroke for $4.9 Billion Giants During Super Bowl Weekend

With a staggering valuation of around $4.9 billion, the energy drink behemoth has long been associated with sports royalty. Think Lionel Messi, Dwyane Wade, Serena Williams, Damian Lillard – the list goes on. Their strategic sponsorship of top-tier athletes has not only solidified their market presence but also created an aura of excellence around their brand, making it synonymous with high-performance sports. 

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College football star athlete Shedeur Sanders recently made waves from his appearance with the biggest media houses during Super Bowl Weekend. During this past SB weekend in Las Vegas, the Sanders family, particularly Deion and Shedeur, found themselves amid countless promotional activities. The talented Colorado QB took a leap and turned an ordinary promotional opportunity into a marketing masterstroke. 

Marketing Genius pulled by Shedeur Sanders with Gatorade


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Shedeur Sanders engaged in an immersive Gatorade experience, a unique chance to personalize his very own Gatorade bottle. Choosing the iconic orange hue, Shedeur went beyond the basics. The automated customization machine etched ‘Legendary’ on his bottle, and ‘DT2‘ graced the top. The Motto that Shedeur revealed in his interviews is “Don’t touch 2 (Shedeur)” the number denoting his jersey number with the Buffs.

However, the brilliance of Shedeur’s move wasn’t confined to the customization process. Juggling media interviews following his father’s footsteps, Coach Prime. Shedeur strategically incorporated his custom Gatorade bottle into every frame. From Sports Illustrated to Yahoo, US Sports to DNVR Buffs, and even Cam Newton’s 4th and 1, Shedeur ensured his personalized Gatorade bottle was prominently displayed.


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As he steered through multiple interviews, the bottle was either cradled in his hands or strategically placed on the table for maximum visibility. It became more than a hydration accessory; it transformed into a silent spokesperson for Gatorade. In one instance, as he prepared to appear on the Cam Newton Show, Shedeur was even handed the bottle by someone walking beside him as seen on his documented video blog from the day.  


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Shedeur Sanders’ Gatorade journey

Shedeur Sanders’ marketing coup is even more remarkable because of his affiliation with Gatorade. In 2022, Shedeur Sanders etched his name in history by becoming the first HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) student-athlete to join Gatorade’s illustrious roster of elite sports figures. The roster includes the likes of Serena Williams, J. J. Watt, Zion Williamson, Trevor Lawrence, DK Metcalf, Candace Parker, and Jayson Tatum, among others.

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It’s an honor to join the Gatorade family and represent this historic moment for HBCU athletes,” said Sanders during his 2022 interview. “I can’t wait to work with Gatorade on and off the field to help create even more opportunities for HBCU students and athletes.” In essence, Shedeur Sanders didn’t just partake in a Gatorade experience during Super Bowl weekend, he planted a marketing symphony that echoed through his interviews, creating a seamless blend of personal branding and corporate promotion.

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