Fed’s Waller Seeks Multiple Months of Stable Inflation Before Rate Cuts

Labor Market and Monetary Policy Stance

Even as the labor market remains strong, with significant payroll gains, the rate of job departures and other internal metrics suggest a shift towards a less strained labor environment. However, Waller remains reserved about easing monetary policy soon. He stated, “In the absence of a significant weakening in the labor market, I need to see several more months of good inflation data before I would be comfortable supporting an easing in the stance of monetary policy.”

Recent inflation measurements, including April’s consumer price index, show a year-over-year increase of 3.4%, a slight decrease from the previous month. This deceleration in inflation, though modest, signals potential stability but requires more consistent evidence before any policy adjustment. Waller’s critical stance on the recent progress reflects a cautious optimism, grading the inflation report as “C-plus.”

Market Forecast

With the economic landscape showing tentative signs of stabilizing inflation without additional rate hikes, and Waller’s call for sustained positive data before considering rate reductions, the outlook remains cautiously optimistic. Traders should watch for further inflation reports and labor market data to gauge the potential shifts in monetary policy, keeping in mind that significant policy easing seems unlikely in the immediate future.

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