Egos Shine as Charles Barkley Reminded of Failure in Hilarious Shaquille O’Neal Jibe

It’s the Big Game Weekend. Which means Shaq and Chuck are clashing over their Super Bowl faves. Shaquille O’Neal apparently joined one of the Kelces (because the other is trying to win the Super Bowl) on the New Heights podcast. While he’s with Jason Kelce, his best friend was on his mind. So Shaq showed it with a little jab at Charles Barkley’s ringless status.

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A message to Charles Barkley from Shaq and Jason,” the New Heights X page posted inside one of the Big Chicken Shaq restaurants and we were already laughing. Dragging Jason into their antics, Shaq said, “Hey Charles, you know what me and Jason have in common and you dont?” Shaq flashed Kelce’s Super Bowl LII ring with a sinister grin.

Between both of them, there’s five championship rings at that table. Barkley, as we know, has none. Incidentally, that is a factor in Barkley choosing his favorites.


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Barkley appeared on Inside the NFL to reveal who he’s putting his money on for the Super Bowl LVIII title. Not surprisingly he’s again not going with the Swifite herd to pick Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs to win. He’s hoping for the San Francisco 49ers to take the championship and he explained why.

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I’m rooting for Trent Williams,” The Chuckster said shortly after both Super Bowl contenders were final. “I’m the guy who’s on the list of great players who never won a championship. So, Trent Williams has been probably one of the best offensive linemen in this league forever, so I really would love to see him get his championship.” Fingers crossed, Barkley gets reason to clap back at Shaq.


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Charles Barkley might remain winless

Shaq and Chuck have their own Super Bowl traditions. While O’Neal hosts Shaq’s Fun House during the Big Game Weekend, Barkley heads to Vegas with his friends to bet on the winners. Most of the time at his expense.

Barkley has bet against the wrong Kelce a couple of times. In 2023, he bet on the Philadelphia Eagles, the team with Jason Kelce. The Chiefs won, Barkley lost $100,000, and he was mad at Travis and Patrick Mahomes.


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Chuck still hasn’t learned his lesson. He bet against the Chiefs in their last two games too and sorely lost as they marched to the Super Bowl. If Barkley loses this one too, it’s one more thing Shaq’s going to rub in his nose.

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