Delmar Glaze NFL Draft 2024: Scouting Report for Maryland IOL
BR NFL Scouting DepartmentContributor IJanuary 21, 2024

NASHVILLE, TN - DECEMBER 30: Maryland offensive lineman Delmar Glaze (74) in action during the TransPerfect Music City Bowl, between the Auburn Tigers and the Maryland Terrapins on December 30, 2023 at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, TN. (Photo by Kevin Langley/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Kevin Langley/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

HEIGHT: 6’4″


HAND: 9 3/8″

ARM: 34 1/2″








— Patient, calculated pass-protector who plays centered and understands how to square up the rusher, create leverage with his hands and sustain it with good grip strength.

— Hand carriage in his pass set enables active, timely strikes to disrupt rushers and gain quick access into their frame.

— Alters set lines and landmarks in pass protection to manipulate spacing and dictate terms to rushers.

— Smoothly transitions into a firm anchor to harden his edges and solidify the pocket.

— Displaces and feeds the defensive tackle over as the drive man on double-teams with solid square power and pop on contact on angle-drive blocks.

— Statement performance against Ohio State edge-rusher Jack Sawyer this season.


— Adequate foot quickness and range on an island can create a short corner against premier speed off the edge.

— Doesn’t adjust his aiming points quickly enough against post-snap movement and gap exchanges across his face, causing leakage and penetration.

— Lack of twitch and range on an island showed up against Penn State edge-rusher Abdul Carter this season.


— 13 starts at left tackle


— 3-star recruit from the 2020 class, per 247Sports

— 32 career starts at left (16) and right (16) tackle

— Accepted his invite to the Senior Bowl


Delmar Glaze is a two-and-a-half-year starter with 32 career starts split evenly between each tackle spot inside Maryland’s 56-44 pass-run split, multiple run scheme. Glaze has a well-rounded build with a thick midsection, solid length and adequate athletic ability.

Glaze plays with good weight distribution, balance and potent hand placement to create quick leverage on defenders. He excels on angle-drive blocks and as the drive man on double-teams lining up his target under control, getting his second step into the ground quickly with the grip strength and strain to steer defenders off their spot. Glaze is a tick late adjusting to gap exchanges and post-snap movement across his face, lacking the twitch to suddenly redirect and compensate before getting his face crossed.

In pass protection, Glaze is smooth and calculated. He has an understanding of how to use angles, timing and leverage to close space, latch and end reps quickly with his head out of the block. He has a firm, strong anchor against the bull rush to concede minimal ground. His middling foot quickness and range limit his mirroring ability on an island at tackle, though.

Overall, Glaze combines polished technique with good play strength and a patient, calculated approach to win the leverage battle more often than not despite below-average athletic ability. Along with his tackle experience, Glaze should be able to carve out a role on an NFL roster at guard while offering the ability to play tackle in a pinch.

GRADE: 6.7 (Potential Role Player/Contributor — 4th Round)



PRO COMPARISON: Alaric Jackson

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