Chinese influencer under fire for bringing cooked rice to gorge on food samples in supermarket, China News

Ashwini BalanPUBLISHED ONJanuary 26, 2024 10:20 AMByAshwini Balan

While it is common for supermarkets to give out free food samples to shoppers, an influencer in China has come under fire for taking advantage of the samples to get himself a full meal. 

The unnamed influencer from Guangdong, China, was criticised by netizens after he brought cooked rice from home to go on a food tasting spree at Sam’s Club, a membership-only warehouse store chain. 

To become a member, customers have to pay 260 yuan (S$49.10) a year, reported Chinese media. 

The influencer is said to be a member of the supermarket and a regular customer, the South China Morning Post reported.

From multiple videos reposted on Douyin, the man is seen going around the supermarket to try out the various food samples — with a packet of rice in hand. 

‘I’ll have all the leftovers’

Before heading to the cooked food section, the influencer had already gorged on multiple snack samples, including chocolate, pistachio nuts and egg rolls with coconut. 

After he was done with the snacks, the young man moved on to the congee booth where he was disappointed to discover there were only three samples left.

Snagging the three samples, he also told the staff manning the booth: “I’ll have all the leftovers as well.” 

For his main course, the influencer headed to a booth offering fresh lamb rolls and placed his container in front of the server.

“Can you put some lamb filling on my rice?” he asked. 

As if lambs wasn’t enough, he also asked for some pork ribs and was given several pieces without question. 

“Whenever I come here, I feel as if I’m at home,” he said in the video, adding that it is the most delicious rice with meat and vegetables he’s ever had.

To complete his food tasting adventure, the influencer had some fruits for dessert. 

“I’m well-fed with food and drink. I’ll come again,” he said in the video. 

Going too far? 

The influencer’s video caught the attention of many online who felt that he was taking advantage of the free samples in the supermarket.

A netizen asked: “Taking rice to go food tasting is going too far, right?” 

However, some disagreed that the influencer was being greedy.

“The purpose of offering free samples is to give customers the opportunity to try the food, so he did nothing wrong,” one said.

Another commented: “While his behaviour looks unseemly, he is not violating any rules.”

Some also questioned if his food tasting spree was merely an act, citing that customers would not be given such large amounts of meat as samples, reported Chinese media. 

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