Action-RPG with ‘NieR: Automata’ influences: Stellar Blade will launch exclusively on PS5 in April
Stellar Blade will be released exclusively on PlayStation 5 in April (Image: Sony).
Stellar Blade will be released exclusively on PlayStation 5 in April (Image: Sony).

The action role-playing game Stellar Blade, formerly known under the working title Project EVE, has been given a release date and a new gameplay trailer. The game will be released on 26 April 2024, exclusively for PS5.

An agile and powerful female combatant with an anime look who descends from a space colony to a post-apocalyptic war zone on Earth. Add to that a semi-open world, the protagonist EVE’s combination of melee and ranged combat, and a melancholy, vocally driven soundtrack. What sounds surprisingly like a “NieR: Automata 2” by mastermind Yoko Taro is actually the blurb for the action RPG Stellar Blade from Shift Up Second Eve Studios.

“The protagonist, Eve, finds herself in a devastated world where she meets Adam, a survivor left on Earth, and Lily, a member of a previous airborne squad. Together they join forces in battle against the Naytibas,” the PlayStation Blog summarises the beginning of Stellar Blade’s plot. The Naytibas are an alien species that has forced humanity to flee to a space colony.

As well as Xion, the last city of mankind, the trio around main character EVE also travel to the Wasteland and the Great Desert, where the South Korean developers promise a semi-open world. The main goal of Stellar Blade is to collect so-called hypercells. Players will also encounter the inhabitants of Xion, who ask EVE for help. Engineer Lily, in turn, will equip the protagonist with new cyberpunk gadgets, and there will also be cosmetic items.

Released on 26 April 2024 for PS5 at prices starting from 70 USD

Whether Stellar Blade can keep up with action RPG greats such as “NieR: Automata” or the Bayonetta series will be revealed on release on April 26, 2024. The Standard Edition of the game will cost $69.99 / £69.99/ €79.99/ ¥8,980 MSRP, while the Digital Deluxe Edition will cost $79.99 / £79.99/ €89.99/ ¥9,980 MSRP. Pre-orders for the PS5-exclusive Stellar Blade will be available from February 7 in retail stores, at PlayStation Store and at

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