Pauline Njoroge’s Biography: Early life, hawking, campaign salary & national influence

Pauline Njoroge recently stirred debate after allegedly shifting allegiance to President William Ruto and promoting his historic visit to the U.S., sparking questions about the sudden change in her stance

Pauline Njoroge during a past photoshoot

Pauline Njoroge is a prominent blogger, digital strategist and social media influencer known for her commentary on political, social, and economic issues in Kenya.

  • Pauline Njoroge is a prominent blogger, digital strategist, and social media influencer in Kenya
  • She recently stirred debate by allegedly shifting allegiance to President William Ruto, promoting his historic visit to the U.S
  • Pauline has been a long-time critic of Ruto and actively campaigned against him in the 2022 presidential election

Her influence spans various digital platforms, where she engages with a broad audience, offering perspectives that spark discussions and debates.

She has been promoting President Ruto’s historic visit to the U.S., leaving many to question the sudden change in heart.

“Whether in UDA or Azimio, we must always remember that we share the FLAG. Once the Kenyan government crosses the border to engage with other governments out there, we must all join to support it, our local political differences not withstanding. We resume on that once we get back home. This has always been my conviction,” she defended herself.

She also posted a few photos of herself in the U.S., which coincide with President Ruto’s state visit.

Pauline Njoroge at Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture on May 20, 2024

Njoroge has been a long time critic of the Ruto, and actively campaigned against him the hotly contested 2022 presidential election where she supported Azimio leader Raila Odinga.

Despite Odinga’s loss, Pauline maintained her political stand, taking a place in the opposition. She was also appointed Jubilee Party’s Deputy Organising Secretary Pauline Njoroge.

Born and raised in the serene village of Githiga in Kiambu County, Pauline’s early life was deeply rooted in the simple yet industrious lifestyle of rural Kenya.

Pauline’s childhood was significantly influenced by her maternal grandmother, who owned a coffee farm.

It was on this farm that Pauline, at the tender age of eight, learned the art of picking coffee beans and preparing them for the factory.

This early exposure to hard work and responsibility was a foundation that would later shape her character and work ethic.

She would later live with her parents in Nairobi. However, life took a drastic turn when Pauline’s mother passed away when she was just ten years old.

Digital communications strategist Pauline Njoroge

The loss was not only a profound emotional blow but also brought about a significant change in her living conditions.

Pauline moved back to her village, a transition that was both emotionally and psychologically challenging.

The constant reminders from a relative about her mother’s absence added to her distress, creating a dehumanizing environment for the young girl.

Despite these hardships, Pauline’s academic journey continued.

She excelled in her studies, even as her family faced severe financial constraints following her father’s job loss.

However, the financial difficulties continued, and the societal pressures made her question why she seemed to be forsaken despite her faith and efforts.

Pauline Njoroge

After completing secondary school, Pauline faced yet another obstacle. Her family’s financial situation prevented her from pursuing higher education immediately.

For two years, she remained in her village, grappling with her circumstances and contemplating her future.

Realizing that self-pity would not change her situation, Pauline decided to take control of her destiny. Without informing her family, she packed her belongings and moved to Nairobi, seeking opportunities that could change her life trajectory.

Pauline Njoroge’s decision to leave her village for Nairobi marked a pivotal moment in her life, characterized by determination and a quest for self-improvement.

Leaving her rural home with a torn green bag containing a few personal belongings, she sought refuge with her cousin Hellen in the bustling city.

This move, driven by the need to escape the limitations of her circumstances, was the first step in a journey filled with both challenges and breakthroughs.

Upon arriving in Nairobi, Pauline faced immediate hurdles. Her first attempt to secure a job as a house girl was unsuccessful, leaving her in a precarious position.

Pauline Njoroge

Refusing to be disheartened, she turned to hawking, buying and selling items such as erasers, pens, and T-shirts. With an open box in hand, she traversed the streets of Nairobi, hoping to make a living.

Despite her best efforts, the returns from hawking were minimal, and Pauline yearned for a more stable and meaningful pursuit.

Her turning point came when she approached a local church for assistance. Recognizing her zeal for education and self-betterment, the church provided her with a Sh10,000 cheque.

This generous act reignited Pauline’s hopes and led her to apply for a course in political science at Catholic University. She was accepted, but the Sh85,000 tuition fee for the first semester was far beyond her means.

Despite attending classes for a semester, she could not afford to sit for the exams and ultimately had to drop out, which was another setback in her quest for education.

Undeterred by these challenges, Pauline’s situation took a positive turn when a kind-hearted couple offered her a place to stay after hearing about her struggles. For the next three years, she lived with this couple, who became a surrogate family to her.

Digital strategist Pauline Njoroge

They opened a posho mill business, and Pauline worked there as an attendant. During her downtime, she avidly read magazines, newspapers, and books on politics, nurturing her passion for governance and youth empowerment.

Pauline’s thirst for knowledge and her dedication to self-improvement led her to register at the US embassy’s reference center, where she accessed a wealth of resources on politics and governance.

Recognizing the power of social media as a platform for advocacy, Pauline began sharing her thoughts and insights on governance and youth participation on Facebook.

Her posts sparked engaging discussions, drawing attention from a growing audience.

Pauline’s social media activity caught the eye of a follower who gave her Peter Kenneth’s contact information. After texting him, she received a call the next day and visited his office in January 2012 with just a KCSE certificate and her social media profiles.

Pauline Njoroge

She proposed a structured social media campaign inspired by Barack Obama’s strategies. Two days later, Kenneth’s campaign team offered her a job with a starting salary of Sh30,000, launching her 10-year career in political communication.

Despite Kenneth’s popularity online, he finished fourth in the presidential race with just over 72,000 votes.

This newfound visibility led to her involvement in the 2013 presidential campaigns, where she leveraged her social media influence to contribute to political campaign of former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

On December 4, 2012, Pauline was officially appointed as the Communications (Youth and Volunteers) Manager for TNA’s Nairobi Secretariat, a position she held until March 2013.

Her responsibilities included managing TNA’s social media presence, monitoring media coverage, and developing a comprehensive database for emails, SMS, and social media.

This role came with a salary of Sh100,000 per month, which was three times what she earned while working with Peter Kenneth’s campaign team.

She was instrumental in the digital campaigns of the Jubilee Alliance, which won the presidential election.

She later set up a ‘Jubilee Social Media Cabinet’ to run pro-government digital campaigns

Together with like-minded individuals, Pauline co-founded the Eagles Leadership Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting youth involvement in governance and policy-making.

Her initiative gained support from the US Embassy, thanks to the contacts she had made at the reference center.

Blogger Pauline Njoroge

Pauline’s use of social media and her work with the foundation became instrumental in advancing her advocacy efforts, opening doors to strategic opportunities and connections.

Realizing the importance of formal education, she decided to return to school. However, she prioritised paying for her sister’s university fees, delaying her own studies.

Two years later, a friend provided her with the financial support needed to enroll in a Communications course at a private university in Nairobi.

Pauline Njoroge graduates from Mount Kenya University after 12-year struggle with higher education

In the lead-up to the 2022 General Election, Pauline worked as a social media strategist and blogger for the Azimio campaign team which supported Raila Odinga. Her efforts garnered mixed reactions, with her being both admired and criticized by supporters of the opposition and Kenya Kwanza, respectively.

Pauline’s unwavering loyalty to the Jubilee party was recognized recently when she was appointed as the deputy organizing secretary during the party’s National Delegates Conference.

This position marks another milestone in her ongoing journey in political communication and strategy.

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