Pakistan-Iran conflict: China offers mediation after strikes


China has offered to mediate between Iran and Pakistan amid fears of further escalation between the two sides after reciprocal strikes.

Pakistani fighter jets targeted alleged hideouts of nationalist separatists in neighbouring Iran, a day after Iranian drones hit Islamist fighters in cross-border drone strikes.

The exchanges between Sunni-majority Pakistan and Shiite-dominated Iran have escalated tension with regional powers China, and Russian calling on both sides to control and not let the conflict escalate further.

Beijing proposed mediation “Iran and Pakistan are China’s close neighbours, friendly countries and countries with great influence.

China sincerely hopes that both sides can keep calm and exercise control,” Said by Beijing Foreign Ministry spokeswoman on Thursday.

“If there is a need on both sides, we are also willing to play a constructive role in easing the situation.”

Pakistan’s strikes killed three women and four children, according to Iran’s Irna news agency.

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