Online Influencer, Sir Jarus Says He Beat Up Wife After Discovering Fetish Items In Her Room, Conversation With Herbalist

 Sir Jarus

Suraj Oyewale, a Nigerian online influencer, who is known as #SirJarus on X, has made accusations against his wife.

He accused his wife, Mrs. Oyewale Ayoola, of consulting an herbalist, Mayowa Adesoga, after he expressed his intention to marry a second wife in accordance with Islamic rights.

Suraj claimed that he discovered a voice note confirming his wife’s consultation with the herbalist, which led him to investigate further.

“I did everything possible to placate her when I decided to exercise my Islamic right to marry a second wife.

“I knew it was natural for a woman to feel jealous when a man wants to marry a new wife. I recognised that and begged her.”

Suraj explained that he had tried to appease Ayoola with various gifts, including: “A N5million gift was given to her in April to support her business, a few days after I broke the news of my incoming new wife to her.

“I gave her a N700,000 gift for jewelry. I gave her N1.2million to buy land in her hometown of Ilorin, with a promise to build a house for her within 2-3 years.

“I gave her a N500,000 gift last Tuesday to make her even happier. However, just a few hours later, she still went to a Cele herbalist.

“I intercepted her voice note, which I began monitoring after witnessing an incident that made me suspicious of her. She sent my information to the herbalist. She had already paid him.

“That was the deal breaker for me. I sent her out and searched her room, only to find fetish items. It was a shock of my life. That was the point I took decisive action.”

He continued, “I tried my best for your sister. She has two SUVs for her movement in Lagos.

“I pleaded and begged, but she frustrated me into overreacting a couple of times, which led to beating. I’ve been trying to improve my behaviour towards her over the past 3 months to make her happy

“Allah sees my heart on everything I did for her.”

“These are things your sister did not tell you. Nobody victimised her. She victimised herself.

“I tolerated everything until her fetishness was exposed to me earlier this week.

“Allah knows I was a good husband to her,” he added.

It had earlier been reported that the Lagos Domestic and S*xual Violence Agency reported an allegation of abuse involving SirJarus, to the Lagos State Police Command for investigation.

In a statement released on X by Adejoke Ladenegan-Oginni, Head of the Public Affairs Unit at Lagos DSVA, stated that the agency has taken note of a tweet made by @SirJarus regarding the incident involving him and his wife, Mrs. Oyewale Ayoola.

The statement had read, “As the Statutory Agency in Lagos State dedicated to preventing and responding to domestic and s*xual violence, we take this very seriously.

“Domestic violence in any form is unacceptable, and the Lagos State Government maintains a zero-tolerance stance against it.

“We have, as an Agency referred this to the Commissioner of Police (Gender Desk Department) to ensure that investigation commences.

“We appreciate everyone who tagged us and brought this to our attention,” she said.

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