Gut microbes may influence cardiovascular health
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Nature Biotechnology

volume 42page 699 (2024)Cite this article

Previous studies have linked changes in the gut microbiome to cardiovascular disease, but the metabolic mechanisms that underlie these associations remain unexplored. Writing in Cell, Li et al. report extensive profiling of microbes and metabolites in patients with cardiovascular disease, identifying a cholesterol-metabolizing bacterium with potential health benefits.

The authors collected stool samples from more than 1,400 participants in the Framingham Heart Study, the longest-running cohort study on cardiovascular disease, and performed large-scale metagenomic and metabolomic profiling. Disease markers in blood, such as levels of plasma triglycerides, cholesterol and blood pressure, indicated cardiovascular health. An integrative analysis revealed a wide range of microbe–metabolite associations in these patients, including a strong negative link between species of Oscillibacter and host plasma and stool cholesterol.

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  1. Nature Biotechnology

    Iris Marchal

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Iris Marchal.

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Marchal, I. Gut microbes may influence cardiovascular health.
Nat Biotechnol 42, 699 (2024).

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